Bitcoin Millionaires Flocking to This New Stock

Cryptos have been all the rage — until now.

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Cryptocurrencies have been all the rage – until this week.

And it’s no wonder when cryptocurrencies like Ethereum shot up 2,740% … Digital Cash surged 1,092% … and Bitshares jumped 1,446%.

And while more fortunes might be made as the cryptocurrency market grows — one expert expects it to become a $200 billion market… there’s a much more lucrative place to make money.

An industry set to explode a full 8,000% … surging from $235 billion to $4 trillion in the next four years.

That’s why one former hedge fund manager — Paul Mampilly — isn’t recommending a single cryptocurrency to his 100,000-plus readers.

“Cryptocurrencies are in a massive bubble. They are too risky,” Mampilly says. “There’s a new, emerging industry that will mint more millionaires than any other investment in history. More than bitcoin, more than marijuana, more than biotech … combined.”

One should heed Mampilly’s insight.

He made a 76% return during the 2008 crash which is part of the reason Barron’s named his co-managed hedge fund “one of the world’s best.”

Mampilly became famous for helping millionaires make millions, but turned legendary when he walked away from Wall Street to help Main Street Americans make the same type of returns.

And they love him.

Over 100,000 people have already flocked to get his insight as he has helped them rack up as much as 6,220% in total winning gains.

One man, a retired man from Buffalo, wrote that he made $998,000 thanks to Paul’s timely advice … and even sent a copy of his brokerage statement to prove it.

But all of that could pale in comparison to this little-known industry set to explode 8,000%.

Which is why Mampilly recently posted a new video on his website giving all the details behind this surging industry. Best of all … he reveals the one company you need to buy now so that you can profit in 2018.

This is the biggest and boldest investment prediction of Paul’s decorated career.

A prediction that he says will “hand investors who act fast a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become incredibly rich, incredibly quickly.”

“Expect gains of at least 1,000% as this situation evolves,” Mampilly says.

This is the type of recommendation Paul used to give to his billionaire clients. But today, Paul is giving it to Main Street Americans so they can get in on the ground floor.

I urge you to take a few minutes to see Paul’s secret to stock market riches and to get the full story on this “better than bitcoin” investment … Click here to watch it now.